Welcome To Belong

Welcome to Belong!

We are not just an apparel company, we are a community.

 During these uncertain times it has been very difficult on our mental health. Social interactions are very limited, isolation can be very tough on everyone. Covid-19 has brought so many challenges to our lives. The Canadian government did a recent survey asking people how Covid-19 has changed their mental health. Over 50% of people said their mental health had worsened since the pandemic. This such a huge number. People do not realize how important mental health is. Mental health is often overlooked as a tiny issue. But people don't realize what mental health does to the body. When you're diagnosed with a mental health disorder, it does not only affect your mental health but it affects your physical health as well. When we are happy and we're in a good state with our mental health, we end up having great physical health too.


Going back to the point "we're not just an apparel company, we're a community". Our goal is to really emphasize this point. We're here to not only promote positive mental health and to spread awareness about mental health. We're here to listen to your story and hear what you have to say. Everyday we go through experiences that affect our mental health and people need to realize that going through these experiences, whether they are happy or sad they are normal. We're all human. We're not always happy and that's a fact.


So when you buy our apparel tell us why you support our brand pillars (inclusivity, hope, health, awareness). Tell us your story. Tell us why mental health matters to you. Send us a picture of you wearing our merch too! Soon we will have a resource page on the website which will show a list of resources and mental health tips as well.

At the end of the day we want people who ask about our brand to not only say "that's great looking clothing" but we want them to say "that's a great cause and message as well". Let's get the conversations going and let's break the stigma of mental health together. #Webelong

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